About Tiny Linko

WHAT IS Tiny Linko?

Tiny Linko is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free, you get paid! So, now you can make money from home, when managing and protecting your links. Register now!

It is a service provided by some sites where it allows you to shorten any normal link to any site for short short brief, through which the company will display some ads in a way for each visitor and then directed back to the original site that wants to visit. You will get a clearer picture when you notice the nature of the profit from the shortcut links, and how companies operate shortcut links for profitability.

So if you want to make a lot of profit in a way that does not require the effort, time or money, here is the shortcut area of ​​the links, as in our site Ijibshangi, where you can make a lot of money through the links that you short and share and bring a lot of visits without having to We hope that you will be able to profit with us by shortening links and sharing them on different social networking sites or placing links within your blog or website. Qa works to make profits for you on a regular basis and the highest prices and whenever you can bring more visits whenever I gained a larger amount. Of course, we offer higher prices than the sites provided for the same service. We guarantee that you will receive the money through the payment method that suits you from the various payment methods we offer. We are always happy to serve you as quickly as possible. We also calculate all visits according to the prices on the payment rate page , Our website also has excellent technical support to solve any problem you may have. Our Technical Support team will be available and interactive on our website 24 hours a day, and will always be happy to receive your inquiries and assistance.

How do you make a profit online?

It is a dream for many people to make extra money alongside the basic field of work to overcome many of the daily burdens of life. Many wish that this is possible in a way that does not require much fatigue, effort and effort as many students aspire to the university stage or before. To make some of the money through which they can bear part of their personal responsibilities and obligations, in fact it is possible to use the Internet through multiple ways through which you can earn sufficient funds and satisfactory and there are many celebrities and social networking sites have been able to achieve successes did not expect Some of these methods may require some simple effort and part of your day on a regular basis to achieve tangible success, such as writing posts in any field you prefer, be it in science, arts, sports or technology or in any field that suits you. You can create video content on your YouTube or other video sites where you will be interested in the various areas of interest to you and your audience, whether analytical, mathematical, news, comedy or guide. You can also publish videos of your various adventures and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of places you have visited or events. Your life is mine Mieh multiple you see it interesting and would like to share with a large fan base

The profit from short links is by subscribing to one of these companies or sites that offer short links service. Then comes the access to links to websites and videos that have a request (that is, they can achieve a good level of traffic). You'll shorten these links and start sending them. Most of these companies share their profits with a system called eCPM, which is a commission for every 1,000 visits or impressions. Earnings per thousand visits range from $ 5 to $ 10 depending on the company's type and profitability policy. I think now that you have a good understanding of how to profit from shortcut links. Now let's move on to another very important point.

Steps to profit from shortcut links

When you create an account on a site that offers a link service. Here are sites with a revenue-sharing program to show ads (not all sites have a revenue sharing program). Then you may have done your first step on your way to earning short links. These sites or companies give you the possibility to put any link (link) for any site in its tool. This link should be shortened to give you another link. You can choose any link to be placed by the company regardless of whether or not you own this site, whether it is a main page of a site or a sub-page

What does the company do specifically for this link?

The company will do some processing for this link so that it will change in some properties: that the shape of the link will become very different and very short. The second thing that is most important to you is that this company will make this link appear in certain ads for everyone visiting this link before or while visiting the original or original site. For example, some companies will show the highest banner advertising site that the user can skip after 5 seconds. Some companies will show a window in a new browser with ads for another site (ads for advertisers who pay a linux company financially). Through these ads the profit is made from the shortcut links. In the end the visitor will go to the same site that has shortened to Linke before but should see some ads first. You will be able to profit from short links when you subscribe to one of these companies and send visitors to it. Where you share a percentage of your profits.

Ways to get visitors to make profits from shortcut links?

If you own a blog or website or website. Shorten all your blog posts to make your visitors first pass on a linux company to profit from them before they enter your site. At this point there is a tool that is owned by many of the companies of the shortcut Linkat convert all the links to your site to make it shortened by the code you can put on your site. Make the most of the calculations on the most important and famous forums and share them with the development of the links needed by people and of course after the shortcut. For example, you can subscribe to the forums of the Downwood for movies and songs to publish the topics needed by people with the shortcut link to the debt before publication. Make comments on the most popular blogging topics on a topic people want to get the most people who see your comment. Which will contain a link useful for people and a shortcut to win you through it. This is my favorite point which will provide you with more effort and fatigue: to make the largest number of people participate in the companies that work with you through your Aflet link to get you a percentage of their profits with these companies, which may be up to 20 %. This is indeed what most companies offer to shorten links through their own opelite program. So invite your friends to participate in these companies or use the previous marketing methods to market the idea of ​​participating in these companies through your links Aflit. Use all social networking sites to profit more than short links. The genius idea of ​​link-breaking companies that make everyone can profit is that they do not just allow you to shorten your own links. But these companies allow you to shorten any link. So just get the attractive and good content that is freely available on the Internet and share social media. Because of the importance of this point and make it available to everyone who wants to profit from the shortcut links. So I will include some sub-points that may suggest some ideas that may help you use social networking sites to the best level so that you can get the most visitors: Make a page on Facebook or pages that relate to people's interests as a comic or social page or Sports or even news. Think of anything people want more and create pages with the best content possible through the Internet after links are shortened. For example, you can create a sports page for sports fans with the most important local and international sports news, which you can easily reach through the best sites in the world. Publish the best videos on YouTube on your Twitter page and try to get the most followers. You can create a free blog with YouTube videos or attractive topics for people and publish them on your pages on social networking sites.


How do I start making a profit?

You can easily start earning huge amounts by creating an account on our site and starting to shorten, post, and share your links

Click on the word


First cell: Your name

The second line is the e-mail address and this will be your membership which you will enter every time

Third line: Re-type your e-mail address again

Fourth line: Write your membership name

Fifth column: Type your password

Sixth line: Rewrite your password again

Seventh digit: Move the numbers and letters in the picture above

Click on the box to accept the terms

Click SIGN UP to complete membership registration

Go to your email address on the Inbox, then enter the message you received through the website

Then open it and you will find a link to activate your membership, click to activate your membership

Now you have a special account in a profit company by shortening links


Are there other ways to profit from Tiny Linko?

You can make a profit by inviting and adding your friends via your account's referral link, so you'll get 20% of the profit of everyone who signs up with you

How do I withdraw my earnings?

We are keen to provide you with many means of drawing, in order to choose each member draw means that fit. We provide withdrawals via Paypal, Payeer, Bitcoen , Western Union , Vodafone.